AKMU PLAY is amazing

AKMU PLAY is amazing

Can’t stop loving these bunnies :)

Maknaes are the best :)

It’s hard to tag Junhwae/Junhoe/Joon hwae/whatever ~

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YG Entertainment is looking for another fresh set of creative employees!

Here’s your chance to be a part of the YG Family Staff.

- PACKAGE DESIGNER : In charge of YG Artists’ album,concert,photo books design
- MOTION DESIGNER : In charge YG Artists’ branding and any artworks related to video/motion graphics design
- GRAPHIC DESIGNER : In charge of YG Aritsts’ branding and any artworks related to digital & print graphics design
- CREATIVE PLANNER : In charge of YG Artists’ branding,marketing and communications planning.

- Submission Period (Portforlio+Application ) : 2013.12.03 ~ 12.15
- Candidates Selected: 2013.12.18 
- YG NEXT CREATOR CAMP (Designer Applicants only) : 2013.12.28
- Applicants accepted will begin on: January 2014

Applicants must have good communicating skills

2 or more years of experience in the related field is preferred.

- Send To: nextcreator@ygmail.net


Kim Yoon Joo - Creative Planner@Brand Strategy Team

» She organized G-Dragon’s Space 8 Gallery Exhibition

Kim Hae Young - Graphic Designer @Brand Design Team

» She designed G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind Albums,BIGBANG’s Extraordinary 20’s Photobook & T.O.P’s Doom Dada Special Edition Photo Album CD.

Lee Kyu Rae - Graphic Designer @Brand Design Team

» He created the WIN:Who Is Next Logo 

Park Hyun Ah - Graphic Designer@Brand Design Team

» She designed PSY’s Gentleman CD,BIGBANG’s Alive Tour DVDs & GD’s COUP D’ETAT Collection DVD+Photobook

Lee Hyun Joo - Package & Graphic Designer @Brand Designer Team

» She designed GD’s COUP D’ETAT Albums,VINYL Album & Collection DVD+Photobook

*NOTE: This is not the first time YG Entertainment has opened their doors for online applicants worldwide. YG & Yonsei University collaborated to search for future YG Interns in 2011 and again in 2012. The project was called ‘YG Idealist’.

FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT » https://www.facebook.com/ygnextcreator

This will be my goal in the future

seungri meets his number one fanboy I had my comeback during his promo so most of the staff took care of me instead … he must’ve felt so lonely. I deliberately went to go see him because I felt he must have been drained emotionally. - GD (vid cr)

Kwon-leader làm trò con bò :)) iu quá :))

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"They’ll say you’re walking down the wrong path, if you’re walking down your path."

— Antonio Porchia (via itsquoted)

forever and always ♡ V.I.P

forever and always ♡ V.I.P

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